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On Untamed, The Deviant’s War, and the Respectability Problem

Respectability continues to be a confounding issue. But progress seems to accelerate when movements are broad-based, with space and freedom for people to fight in their own ways. Both Untamed and The Deviant’s War explore this topic.

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On Sally Rooney as Our Millennial Hemingway

Where The Sun Also Rises is post-war, Normal People is post-recession, late capitalism. And, like Hemingway, Rooney’s writing is sparing, never dwelling longer than necessary. It’s a more modern writerly confidence.

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The Great Believers and writing across difference: Who gets to tell our stories?

Rebecca Makkai is masterful, balancing forces near perfectly: the sweep of history pulling everyone into its vortex; and the human dramas that play out all the same, “the messes we make on our own.”

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Short Story: La Madone, Code Name Artemis

Undercover in Occupied France, Virginia Hall would organize the ambush of Nazi supply trains, call down Allied bombs, and orchestrate complex supply drops to fuel the Resistance.

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Death Foretold.

COVID and Chronicle have me reflecting on that kind of crisis: the slow-moving, everyone-knows-it’s-coming kind of threat.