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On Untamed, The Deviant’s War, and the Respectability Problem

Respectability continues to be a confounding issue. But progress seems to accelerate when movements are broad-based, with space and freedom for people to fight in their own ways. Both Untamed and The Deviant’s War explore this topic.

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Ninth Street Women: Relishing Art, Reframing History

Mary Gabriel flips the popular narrative, allowing us to reassess the people, the art, and the moment — the rise of Abstract Expressionism — through the lens of the women who lived it and forced the art world to make space.

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On Sally Rooney as Our Millennial Hemingway

Where The Sun Also Rises is post-war, Normal People is post-recession, late capitalism. And, like Hemingway, Rooney’s writing is sparing, never dwelling longer than necessary. It’s a more modern writerly confidence.

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The Great Believers and writing across difference: Who gets to tell our stories?

Rebecca Makkai is masterful, balancing forces near perfectly: the sweep of history pulling everyone into its vortex; and the human dramas that play out all the same, “the messes we make on our own.”

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Short Story: La Madone, Code Name Artemis

Undercover in Occupied France, Virginia Hall would organize the ambush of Nazi supply trains, call down Allied bombs, and orchestrate complex supply drops to fuel the Resistance.

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Apeirogon: A Beautiful Immersion Into Conflict

Colum McCann is probing memory and stretching the limits of the novel. And not just the memory of his protagonists, but the memory of the land itself. The result is transportive, sweeping but rooted in humanity.

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Magical Realism Meets Hawaiian Diaspora

The literal magic is front-loaded in Sharks, but some of the best magic comes toward its conclusion, with Washburn pushing us to broaden our conception of what is magical. It is a welcome debut.

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Death Foretold.

COVID and Chronicle have me reflecting on that kind of crisis: the slow-moving, everyone-knows-it’s-coming kind of threat.

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Just Mercy – “Bryan, Rosa Parks is coming to town.”

Thousands of people needed alternative rides during the bus boycott. It was Ms. Johnnie Carr who organized to keep a massive carpool running for over a year.

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Devonian Dunkle

Fossils show that Dunkle liked to binge and would sometimes eat so much that she would get sick and regurgitate her food.