Enjoy responsibly.

“Drunk Literature” was born from a riff on Drunk History and the idea of treating a “serious” subject — literature — a little playfully.

Here you’ll find book reviews and reflections, maybe some original writing, maybe some wine-soaked musings on life and literature. 

Books can teach us so much, but we do ourselves a collective disservice if we treat literature as highbrow and academic. There’s no due date and no exam. 

(Relatedly: Did you read about the poet who couldn’t answer high school test questions about her own work? “Not smart enough,” said the writer, regarding her own writing.) 

So, no, the “Drunk Literature” name is not meant to be read literally, though it’s hard to beat a little buzz (if you so choose) and a good book. Just find something you like — beverage or book — and enjoy. Suggested pairings are offered when appropriate. 

Enjoy responsibly.